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Jeremy Kraybill

CARad Development Manager

TestTrack Pro is a critical part of my team's software development and QA process. Within days, my team was able to transition from a manual system for work assignment and reporting to tracking every piece of work and incoming change request through TestTrack Pro. I have experienced consistent success in introducing TestTrack Pro into development teams in the past, and continue to recommend it to any team that needs a powerful, yet simple to understand and implement, issue tracking system.

The workflow customization features in particular are a terrific feature which make TestTrack Pro relevant to any team, software or otherwise, that needs to control and track the lifecycle of issues.

Wadih Saghieh

Managing Director

I am sending this email just to express my satisfaction from this great software! I could not tell you how important it was to have it during the development of 2 major projects we are doing. Not only has it helped us track defects, it created discipline in the company and a culture around it. With TestTrack, every day is Christmas at our company.

Ari Bloch

Managing Director

Strange to find myself writing fan mail to a software company… But I happened to be reminded of bug tracking issues and remembered that back in 1999 (or was it 2000?) I had selected TestTrack for our development center (I was setting up a development center for e-SIM Ltd. in India at the time). So I decided to jump over to your site and see what’s new and am glad to see the many changes! Clearly you are on the rising path (new products!). In short, it was really fun to remember TestTrack (funny one can feel nostalgic about software) and see that you are still going strong. If I ever have to chose a solution again, TestTrack would be top on my list! (and I am sure your other products are equally good).

Sean Whitcom

Lead QA Engineer

We successfully use QA Wizard across four different product lines to very good effect — in cases where we need repetitive testing actions to be performed and to create test data for other non-gui applications that we deploy. Our products, like most web applications, are constantly being revised and we need the ability to write new scripts and to update existing ones on a constant basis; QA Wizard allows us the flexibility we need in QA, in the turnaround times which are expected from management. Most controls that we use in our products are instantly recognized by QA Wizard, and there have been extremely few cases where there were actions we could not readily automate on the first pass. Additionally, the product has been so intuitive to use that junior engineers can quickly be up to speed in minutes, designing entire test cases and fully automating most of the functionality in our simpler products in just a few hours. I wouldn’t trade QA Wizard for any other available product that I’m aware at this time.

Joe McNulty

Director of Software Engineering

We migrated from Microsoft Source Safe to Surround SCM for several key reasons. We were very happy with TestTrack and getting a SCM software from the same company. There were many features that were either not available, or far superior to, those available in SourceSafe. The multi-platform support allowed us to move all project onto a common SCM. The branching capabilities were very attractive and proven to be excellent. The security groups configuration is excellent and far superior to what was currently available in SourceSafe. Offsite use is efficient and reduces latency previously experience with other packages.

Charles Guerin


TestTrack Pro has been a godsend! When I used it to close the loop between our QA beta testers, customers/resellers and the programmers, it cut my project management time around 80%...thanks!

Uma Uppalapati

Quality Assurance

QA Wizard helped us quickly automate our testing process and reduce our testing time for each release, we were even able to start our automation early in the development cycle. QA Wizard is the best fit for rapid automation of any web application.

Philippe Louvet

Engineering Service Manager, Certification & Quality Department

I just wanted to tell you also that TTP has become a strategic tool for us. We already have more than two hundred people worldwide (not customers) using 60 TestTrack Pro databases on more than 20 projects in development.

Stacy Hallman

VP of Engineering

TestTrack was instrumental in our team’s ability to quickly install, configure, and deploy a web based Defect Tracking system that helped unify our geographically distributed team of developers and testers. Great value for the price — keep up the good work!

Gil Dror

Software Developer

I really can't say enough about your support team. They handled my problem in such a personal and dedicated manner, I completely forgot it was a support group and not someone from my team. I think you have done a great job in combining a wonderful product with expert people to support it.

Craig Marker

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

We needed a defect tracking solution that would embrace our current processes within development, quality assurance and product management. TestTrack Pro from Seapine delivered the greatest versatility and functionality to meet our needs.

Michael Novak

Our developers and testers are in multiple locations, and communications among these groups have been greatly enhanced with TestTrack Pro. It is simple to use and reliable.

Jeff Bennett


Bennet-Tec Information Systems has been using TestTrack for about a year now and it’s GREAT. We have set up TestTrack databases for logging and tracking both Technical Support as well as Application Development.

For Development it really helps to be able to keep track of the overall progress towards our goals — every feature we are working on in an application has been included as an item in TestTrack and I as a manager can now finally keep track of where we are and who is working on what. TestTrack allows us to share comments and anyone in the company can comment on existing issues.

TestTrack has also really helped us improve our technical support responsiveness and customers have noticed. Every question we get from customers is logged. In the past we would answer the customer and rely on him to let us know if we solved his problem. Now if we don’t hear back we can quickly see this and we follow up with the customer to make sure he is satisfied. As I say, customers notice. Seapine support has been great as well. We’ve had a small number of problems with TestTrack but they’ve all been handled promptly and professionally.

Overall we’ve been so satisfied with TestTrack that we have now become part of the Seapine Partners Program and are recommending TestTrack to our customers (all of whom are developers themselves).

Eric Zimmerman

Woo! I wasn't expecting these til tomorrow. You guys rock. We are now using your product for an enterprise wide customer service/internal monitoring and reporting tool. We can't wait for the next release! Renaming default fields is sooo nice. Thanks again!!!

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