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SoloSubmit - Web-based Bug Reporting

Web-based SoloSubmit allows an unlimited number of users and customers to submit bug reports and feature requests directly to your TestTrack Pro projects. Included with TestTrack Pro, SoloSubmit makes it easy to integrate your web site feedback page with TestTrack Pro.


SoloSubmit Features

  • Customizable — Modify SoloSubmit to match the look-and-feel of your web site. Instructions are included.
  • File Attachments — Allow SoloSubmit users to include file attachments with their bug reports. View attached screen shots in TestTrack Pro.
  • Self-configuring — Automatically use the bug reporting terminology defined in your TestTrack Pro projects, such as product names or defect types. SoloSubmit also supports field relationships.
  • Cross-platform — Enable your users to submit bug reports from any platform that supports a web browser.

SoloSubmit Benefits

  • Eliminates data entry by automatically importing bug reports into TestTrack Pro.
  • Improves consistency by restricting input choices to your bug reporting terminology.
  • Lowers costs by enabling you to include an integrated bug reporting page on your web site.
  • Improves customer satisfaction by automatically notifying customers after their issues are verified and added to your tracking database.

Include all of your bug reporting fields or limit customers to just a few fields. Create unique forms for feature requests and bug reports. It’s all possible with SoloSubmit.

SoloSubmit has been used by companies worldwide as part of their beta programs and software releases. Want to see it in action? Our feature request page is powered by SoloSubmit.

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