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Surround SCM Licensing

License Types

Surround SCM offers the flexibility of named licenses, floating licenses, or a combination of licenses. By selecting the license types best suited to your organization's needs, you can provide access to the greatest number of Surround SCM users at the minimum cost.

  • Named licenses, which cannot be shared, are recommended for users who require daily access to Surround SCM. Purchasing named licenses ensures that key users, such as team leads or a department manager, have guaranteed access to Surround SCM.
  • Floating licenses, which are shared among a group of users, are recommended for users who require less frequent access to Surround SCM. Keep in mind that users will be denied access if floating licenses are not available.

All Seapine product licenses, except for QA Wizard Pro, are managed by the Seapine License Server. The license server, which does not require a separate license, supports LDAP and Active Directory, making it easy to centrally manage and share user information.

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