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Automated Functional Testing and Load Testing

QA Wizard Pro automates the functional and regression testing of web, Windows, and Java applications, and load testing of web applications. Using a single application to perform both functional and load tests reduces your software investment and training time, and helps your team test more of an application in less time.

Automate Functional and Load Testing with QA Wizard Pro

Text- and Grid-based Scripting

Text & Keyword Views

Cature Rich Object Details

Object Details

Work with Test Cases in TestTrack TCM

See Test Cases

Playback Summary Reports

Playback Reports

Load Test Web Applications

Load Tests

Features and Benefits

One Tool to Functional Test Multiple Technologies

  • Test Windows applications.
  • Test web applications with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  • Test applications developed using popular languages and technologies like Java, Flash, HTML 5, JavaScript, Silverlight, C#, VB.NET, C++, Win32, Qt, AJAX, ActiveX, and Infragistics Windows Forms controls.

Load Test Web Applications

  • Start writing load tests right away with the included five-user evaluation load license.
  • Simulate multiple browser types during a single load test.
  • Run load tests from multiple computers to simulate thousands of simultaneous users.
  • Use standard QA Wizard Pro functions to work with cookies, perform data-driven load testing, and more.
  • Analyze server responses during script execution with checkpoints.
  • Access detailed reports and graphs to identify performance bottlenecks down to the individual virtual user load.

Stress Test Windows and Java Applications

  • Determine how a Windows or Java application performs under stressed conditions.
  • Create stresses, such as disabling Windows networking services, or simulate scenarios, such as read-only disks or low memory and disk space.
  • Apply multiple stress simulations at once to create a complete stress simulation.

Deploy a Scalable Solution for Testers of All Skill Levels

  • Support novice and experienced testers with GUI-based Keyword View and full-featured Text View scripting. And, switch back and forth between Keyword and Text view depending on how you desire to work.
  • Use drag-and-drop scripting to easily add statements, assign data sources, and rearrange script steps.
  • Access a comprehensive library of built-in functions and statements to automate complex test scenarios.

Coordinate Testing in a Team Environment

  • Use the global application repository to share and maintain test assets and automatically propagate script changes.
  • Track which test cases are automated and which are manual, and prioritize which cases get automated first for maximum results using TestTrack TCM.
  • Manage script scheduling and execution using TestTrack TCM.
  • Streamline the Test > Fix > Verify process by automatically push found defects into TestTrack Pro's defect tracking workflow.
  • Compare versions of scripts for differences, merge changes, and store scripts with other development assets, such as requirements documents, test data, design documents, and source code stored in Surround SCM.

Maximize Your Automated Testing Investment

  • Quickly record and playback scripts with little or no modifications.
  • Identify objects by unique properties to significantly reduce maintenance time when an application changes.
  • Streamline debugging with a comprehensive debugging environment that enables you to add breakpoints, monitor variables, and step through scripts to troubleshoot failures.
  • Ensure script stability and maintainability with object-based recording.
  • Test multiple scenarios and data ranges with data-driven scripts.
  • Leverage Seapine‚Äôs exclusive intelligent custom control support to test a wider range of applications than competing tools
  • Cost-effectively implement distributed functional load testing with remote script execution and run-time licenses (requires multiple licenses).
  • Create and auto-run batch files for 24x7 unattended testing.
  • Extend QA Wizard Pro's capabilities with custom .NET assemblies.
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