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Load Testing

Measure how a web application or web site behaves when accessed by a large number of simultaneous users with automated load testing. Seapine's load testing solution makes it easier for you to identify bottlenecks in server code and architecture limitations, and helps you understand what the user experience is like when your web site or application has high traffic.

Seapine’s load testing solution helps your company:

  • Automate load testing of web applications
  • Configure which sets of load scripts to run, the remote computers to run them on, and which popular browsers to simulate
  • Share load test scripts and data with automated functional tests
  • Store load tests with other assets, such as test data, functional tests, etc.
  • Control changes to test scripts
  • Visualize key metrics, such as response time, page hits, and bytes sent
  • Export collected test data for offline analysis

With Seapine ALM solutions, you can cost-effectively add load testing to your software quality assurance tool set. Learn more about how you can leverage Seapine solutions.

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