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Solutions for Quality-Critical Industries

Do you compete in a quality-critical industry--one in which audits are part of doing business, or lives at stake if software fails, or maybe the cost of missing a deadline is unacceptably high? If so, Seapine is your essential partner to delivering high-quality solutions on time and on budget.

Our solutions integrate quality into every stage of product development, and help organizations like yours achieve success by streamlining communications, improving traceability, and making development and QA teams more productive.

Key features of Seapine solutions essential for delivering quality and supporting compliance include:

  • Centralized data storage with a role-based security model
  • Audit logging and electronic signatures
  • Configurable workflows
  • Process automation and validation
  • Requirements capture and change tracking
  • Risk management
  • Automatic artifact linking and traceability matrixes
  • Impact analysis
  • Issue and task management
  • Configuration management
  • Revision control
  • Quality metrics and reporting

Learn More About Seapine's Industry-Specific Solutions

Reduce costs, streamline R&D, increase accountability, and accelerate time to market and meet government regulations.
Enforce process, provide complete traceability, lower IT costs, and effortlessly document compliance.
Manage compliance and policy requirements, automate application testing, ensure data integrity, and automate costly and time-consuming business processes.
Ensure secure access to issues, work items, and digital assets, customize workflows to manage your processes, and provide complete auditability of all information and activities.
Achieve security, meet regulatory compliance mandates, obtain transparent traceability, and provide visibility over the state of application development and quality.
Manage the development of complex embedded software between hardware and software teams while improving efficiency and product quality, and meeting regulatory compliance.
Track designs, art, source code, scripts, issues, and bugs throughout the game development lifecycle, and manage all of a game’s digital assets with complete change traceability.
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