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Solutions for Quality-Critical Industries
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Health Care

Seapine solutions enable health care IT organizations to enforce process, streamline systems integration testing, and reduce compliance risk

Health care organizations are under constant pressure to improve their information technology capabilities. In the past, it was HIPAA 5010 and Meaningful Use Stage 1. Right now, it's ICD-10. Next, it will be Stage 2 of the Meaningful Use criteria. These initiatives put an incredible burden on IT teams to upgrade and deploy a variety of systems within tight time, budget, and quality constraints.

Seapine solutions simplify and accelerate integration testing to reduce risk and help ensure compliance. With our solutions, you'll also be able to manage and automate testing assets, streamline traceability, and improve visibility into the overall progress of your integration testing effort.

Seapine's comprehensive and flexible solutions offer:

  • Requirements management, impact analysis, and traceability
  • Centralized, secure data storage
  • Task and issue management
  • Audit logging and electronic signatures
  • Role-based security
  • Process automation and validation
  • Asset management and preventative maintenance
  • Quality metrics and reporting for management
  • Improved quality control

Learn more about how our health care IT testing solutions can help you:

  • Reduce risk and have greater confidence in the project schedule
  • Achieve real-time visibility into testing progress
  • Gain more time to plan projects and manage your team
  • Eliminate gaps in test coverage
  • Attain a single source of truth
  • Improve collaboration between clinical, financial, and operations
  • Keep your team on track


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Software Solutions

The most common Seapine Software solutions used by health care organizations are:

  • Surround SCM - Manage changes to source code, documents, test data and results, and other digital assets. Learn More
  • TestTrack - Manage product development with end-to-end traceability of requirements, change requests, issues, defects, tasks, test cases, test runs, and test results. Learn More
  • QA Wizard Pro - Automate functional and regression testing of Windows and web applications and the load testing of web applications. Learn More
  • Seapine ALM RP - Gain insight into every stage of the development lifecycle, enabling fact-based reviews of each project and team. Seapine ALM RP makes it possible to review the schedule status across active projects, investigate test plan performance across teams, analyze bug counts across release cycles, and so on, helping you stay on top of your quality initiatives. Learn More

To learn more about how Seapine Software can help your organization, please contact your business development manager.

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