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Solutions for Quality-Critical Industries
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ALM solutions for government agencies


Seapine solutions provide secure, traceable, and flexible cost-effective solutions for a variety of government-related software projects and embedded systems initiatives.
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While the responsibilities of government organizations are diverse, their software development needs maintain the commonality of a highly secure solution, complete forward and backward traceability, and low cost of implementation and ownership.

Seapine solutions help government organizations deliver quality software for line-of-business, embedded, defense-oriented, and other mission-critical activities, while gaining complete traceability and auditability across all development-related artifacts. Our solutions enable organizations to start processes, access work requests, complete forms, and generate management reports. Integrated tools make it easy to automate and enforce workflow processes to establish clear accountability and ensure repeatability.

Seapine's comprehensive and flexible solutions offer:

  • Requirements management, impact analysis, and traceability
  • Streamlined collaboration
  • Secure, centralized data storage with fast remote access to assets
  • Task and issue management
  • Audit logging and electronic signatures
  • Role-based security
  • Process automation and validation
  • Asset management and preventative maintenance
  • Quality metrics and reporting for management
  • Improved quality control
  • High availability with low cost of ownership

When compliance is critical, Seapine's solutions have you covered. From Sarbanes-Oxley, to FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11, to aircraft safety-critical software regulation DO-178B, Seapine solutions track all aspects of development to ensure you have secure processes, complete data integrity, full traceability reports, and management transparency. Examples of compliance evidence tracked by Seapine solutions include:

  • Planning Documents and Traceability Artifacts
  • Software Development Plan
  • Software Verification Plan
  • Software Configuration Management Plan
  • Software Quality Assurance Plan
  • Software Requirements Standards
  • Software Design Standards
  • Software Requirements Data
  • Design Description
  • Software Verification Cases and Procedures
  • Software Lifecycle Environment Configuration Index
  • Problem Reports
  • Trace Matrices


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Software Solutions

The most common Seapine Software solutions used by government organizations are:

  • Surround SCM - Manage changes to source code, documents, test data and results, and other digital assets. Learn More
  • TestTrack - Manage product development with end-to-end traceability of requirements, change requests, issues, defects, tasks, test cases, test runs, and test results. Learn More
  • QA Wizard Pro - Automate functional and regression testing of Windows and web applications and the load testing of web applications. Learn More
  • Seapine ALM RP - Gain insight into every stage of the development lifecycle, enabling fact-based reviews of each project and team. Seapine ALM RP makes it possible to review the schedule status across active projects, investigate test plan performance across teams, analyze bug counts across release cycles, and so on, helping you stay on top of your quality initiatives. Learn More

To learn more about how Seapine Software can help your organization, please contact your business development manager.

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