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Seapine Consulting Services

Along with outstanding support, Seapine Software offers a range of professional consulting services that let you take the shortest path possible to implementing, integrating, and customizing Seapine solutions in your organization.

Rapid Implementation

During rapid implementation, a Seapine consultant works with your IT team to install and configure your Seapine products for optimal use and performance within your organization. Whether you are installing Surround SCM and want to make sure remote users are set up correctly, or you are moving the TestTrack database to an RDBMS system, rapid installation service ensures that your implementation is quick and easy. Many companies also request training for administrators and users during rapid installation.

Data Conversion

Moving to new systems doesn't have to be difficult. A Seapine consultant can develop the scripts and processes needed to migrate legacy data into Seapine products. Whether you are currently tracking data in a spreadsheet, a database, or an enterprise-level application, we can help you easily convert your data.

Integration Services

Integrating your company’s existing business tools with Seapine solutions is a great way to simplify the exchange of data between different departments and business units, saving time and reducing errors. Whether you want to create issues from help desk tickets, publish your team’s metrics through SharePoint, or extend the capabilities of your Seapine solutions to tie more closely into your existing environment, our professional services team can help. Learn more.

Custom Workflows

Configuring workflows that meet your development and quality assurance requirements does not have to be difficult. A Seapine consultant can work with you to create forms and workflows that are tailored to your processes and policy requirements.

TestTrack Tune-up Services

Whether your TestTrack projects have grown, you've added users, your processes have evolved, or you've just fallen a few versions behind, it's time to schedule a tune-up with Seapine Professional Services. Seapine consultants will help you get the most from your TestTrack investment by working with you to understand your requirements and helping you configure TestTrack to best support your team. Learn more.

Custom Reports

If you have specialized management reporting needs, but no one in your company with the time or experience to create reports, a Seapine consultant can do the work for you. We have the experience needed to compile complex reports and create interactive Web pages that deliver the report data you need.

Whether you are preparing reports in Excel or Crystal Reports, or for a Web page using ASP or JDBC, we have the experience needed to create complex reports or interactive Web pages that deliver the data you need. Don't worry if you don't have the technical expertise or available resources, our professional services team can help.

Custom Test Scripts

Whether you are looking for a solution to a complex testing problem or for a few well-crafted scripts to get you started, a Seapine consultant can quickly develop the QA Wizard Pro test scripts that you need.

For additional information, contact our professional services team at (513) 754-1655 or email

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