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Solutions for Specific Processes and Challenges

For almost two decades, Seapine Software has been helping organizations across all industries improve their processes and solve complex development challenges through our products and services.

Seapine products and services can provide:

  • Agile, Waterfall, and hybrid methodology implementation services and supporting tools
  • Expertise in implementing upstream and downstream traceability
  • Solutions and services for executing test-driven development
  • IT-friendly products with support for industry standards and cross-platform clients/servers
  • Cross-project and cross-tool quality metrics and reporting solutions

Seapine provides products and services to help you solve specific product development challenges:

Implement your flavor of Agile—whether your need to dive in 100% or want to implement an Agile/Waterfall hybrid solution. Seapine's Agile Services team and Agile software solutions will help you achieve your goals.
Cost-effectively implement forward and backward traceability in your product development process to manage the impact of changes, ensure quality, and achieve regulatory compliance.
Facilitate implementing test-driven development (TDD) with a toolset to manage tests cases, automate tests, track results, and version code, test scripts, and test data.

To learn more about how Seapine Software can help your organization, please contact your business development manager.

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