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Automated Functional Testing

Automated testing is critical to cost-effectively developing and deploying quality software applications on time. Seapine solutions automate the functional and regression testing of web, Windows, and Java applications and integrate seamlessly with our ALM suite to ensure defects found during automated tests are quickly added to your issue management workflow.

Seapine’s automated functional testing software solution helps your company:

  • Automate functional testing of web, Windows, and Java applications
  • Support the needs of both novice and experienced testers with GUI-based Grid View and full-featured Text View scripting
  • Simplify debugging with a comprehensive debugging environment that enables you to add breakpoints, monitor variables, and step through scripts to troubleshoot failures
  • Ensure script stability and ease of maintenance with object-based recording
  • Share automated functional test scripts and data with load test scripts
  • Store automated tests with other assets, such as test data, load tests, etc.
  • Streamline the Test > Fix > Verify process by automatically push new defects into Seapine's issue management solution
  • Control changes to test scripts
  • Easily generate quality metrics reports for management

Seapine ALM solutions help your organization more effectively automate tests to improve quality. Learn more about how you can leverage Seapine solutions.

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Automated Functional Testing Solutions

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