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Report on Every Stage of Development

Balancing customer requirements and quality expectations with schedule and budget constraints is the key to delivering business value. When you're managing a portfolio of projects across geographically distributed teams, you need a robust reporting platform to provide insight into project schedule and team performance across all projects.

The Seapine ALM Reporting Platform (Seapine ALM RP) gives you and your management team insight into every stage of the development lifecycle, enabling fact-based reviews of each project and team. With Seapine ALM RP, you can review the schedule status of active projects, investigate test plan performance across teams, or analyze bug counts across release cycles, to name a few possibilities.

  • View schedule and quality metrics across multiple teams and projects.
  • Trace project work from design through development and testing.
  • Deliver relevant reports in a timely manner to management via email or the web.

How it Works

Windows-based Seapine ALM RP consists of a set of ALM application database connectors that pull information from your application development tool databases on a scheduled basis. This information is warehoused in an Microsoft SQL or Oracle database, is used to generate reports that span your development tools, teams, and projects.

Seapine ALM RP architecture

Benefit from Cross-Application Reporting

Seapine ALM RP breaks down the siloed data storage limitations of application development tools, giving you greater insight into how your tools are used, development and QA performance, schedules, and more.

Examples of what you can accomplish using Seapine ALM RP include:

  • Run adoption reports that show who logged into various development tools during the week plotted over time. Use this data to improve your license count purchases to keep software costs down.
  • Run reports that span all TestTrack projects to see cumulative open defects, open/close trends, issues severities, root causes, etc. Seapine ALM RP makes it easy to see the big picture.
  • Support audits by showing an auditor not only which manual and automated tests were run during testing, but also the automation results of each run.
  • Know which source code files changed to fix a defect that was found with automated tests, then run all QA Wizard Pro scripts that were linked to that source code when it is modified in the future. Seapine ALM RP facilitates targeted regression testing.
  • Determine the rate at which your team closes work items, from the requirements down to final testing and sign off, to help you understand how much work you can realistically commit to.

How Do I Get Started with Seapine ALM RP?

Seapine ALM RP is a combination of a free software add-on for TestTrack plus consulting services. Contact your sales representative to set up a product demonstration and discuss your ALM reporting needs. View the release notes to find out what's new in the latest release.

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