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TestTrack 2014 What's New Webinar

Watch the TestTrack 2014
What's New Video (42:50)

Improved TestTrack Web Interface

  • Use folders to manage projects and conduct release planning.
  • Hide interface elements to increase usable screen real estate when viewing and editing work items.
  • Easily find work items with new search and filtering capabilities

Create and Review Requirements

  • Write new requirements using rich text to embed screenshots and highlight important information.
  • Initiate requirement reviews, allow stakeholders to login and review requirements, and respond to review notes or edits.
  • Monitor review progress and move requirements and documents through your workflow to final approval.

Work with Issues

  • Create new issues, and move them through your defined workflow steps.
  • Customize and save defect list views, including column layout and filtering.
  • Quickly find issues using column filtering and powerful search options.
  • View and edit issue details, add links, and categorize issues into folders.

Execute and Track Tests

  • View and edit test runs, assign them to team members, and move them through your workflow.
  • Execute test runs, track results, and easily create defects from failed tests.
  • View linked defects with just one click.

Visualize Development Data with Seapine ALM RP Dashboards

  • Create reports and charts to view and share project metrics with ALM RP dashboards.
  • Launch dashboards from the TestTrack web client.
  • Use built-in widgets to simplify the process of creating reports and charts to track project metrics
  • View dashboards from the most popular browsers—no plug-ins required.
  • Easily access dashboard and key performance indicators while on the go. ‚‚

Meet the Needs of Your Organizations with New Licensing Options

  • Hosted (SaaS) licenses
  • Perpetual on-premise licenses
  • Subscription on-premise licenses

New in Surround SCM 2014    Download Now       Upgrade Now

Find in Files

Quickly find and open files using plain text or regular expressions with new full-text search. In addition to text files, such as source code, full-text search can search in Microsoft Office documents and PDF files. Watch this 2-minute video to learn more.

Sparse Branching

For cleaner branch creation, create sparsely populated branches from unrelated sets of repositories, folders, and files. Instead of displaying everything in a repository tree, you can choose just the elements you need to access. Use branch templates to more efficiently create new sparse branches based on prior patterns. Watch this short video to see sparse branching in action.

Code Review Enhancements

View different file versions when performing code reviews, which can help you see the exact content a review comment applies to and only the changes made since you last reviewed a file. In addition, code review comments now stay with the line they are associated with even when new versions are added to the code review. This is especially useful if you have a complex code review process.

Local File Enhancements

Choose which copy of a file you want to open. In previous versions, Surround SCM always showed a copy from the server when viewing or editing. With open local file, you can view your local copy first.

View Licenses in Use

View users who are logged in and using Surround SCM licenses, what type of license they're using, and how long they've been using it for more efficient license management.

New in QA Wizard Pro 2013.2            Download Now       Upgrade Now

Control Name Overrides

Override the default control naming convention to ensure new controls use intuitive names that are consistent with the tested application. Specify a prefix to add to control names to help you organize controls by type in the repository. You can also change the priority of properties used to suggest names for each control type.

Find and Replace in Multiple Scripts

Save time by searching for and replacing text in multiple open scripts or all scripts in a workspace.

New Statements

The following new statements are available: CloseApp, GetLineNumber, GetPropertyNames, Is64BitWindows.

New in Seapine ALM RP 2014.0            Learn More

TestTrack Data Dashboards

Share team metrics and project status data from all TestTrack projects with new dashboards.

Import SQLite Data

Schedule imports and manually import data from QA Wizard Pro, Seapine License Server, and TestTrack databases hosted in SQLite. Requires installing the Seapine ALM SQLite Importer on any computers that host Seapine product databases to import from. Learn more about configuring SQLite imports.

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