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Alliance Partners

Working closely with our alliance partners, Seapine leverages the expertise available in many organizations to offer a wide range of complementary products and services.

Seapine has alliances with the following communities and solution providers:

Apple Developer

Seapine has been a certified Apple developer since 1993. Seapine's issue tracking, quality assurance, and software configuration management solutions are Mac OS X compatible.

CM Crossroads

Seapine has been a CM Crossroads sponsor since 2003. The world's largest online community dedicated to configuration management, CM Crossroads hosts Software Quality Blogs and discussion forums for Surround SCM and TestTrack Pro.

EPocalipse Software

Seapine is a partner with EPocalipse Software, the makers of SourceConneXion. SourceConneXion provides version control IDE integration for Borland Developer Studio, Delphi and C++Builder.

Guiffy Software

Seapine is a Guiffy Alliance Partner. SureMerge, Guiffy's smart and trustworthy 3-way diff/merge utility, is seamlessly integrated with Surround SCM to provide advanced merge functionality


Seapine is an Intel Software Partner with all of our software tools available for Intel-based operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Microsoft Certified Solution Provider

Seapine is a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider. All of the applications in Seapine’s development suites run on the full range of Microsoft operating system and integrate with Microsoft development tools such as Visual Studio and Visual SourceSafe.


Seapine is an OpsHub Application Development Solution Vendor partner. OpsHub's Integration Manager provides bi-directional data synchronization between Seapine's development tools and other third-party development environments, delivering seamless process workflows and ensuring data is up to date across all systems.

Viewtier Systems

Seapine is a Viewtier Systems technology partner. Viewtier develops Parabuild, an automated software build management server, which fully supports build configurations using Surround SCM as a version control system.

Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) Program

Seapine is a member of the Microsoft VSIP program and develops adaptable application lifecycle management solutions that integrate into the Visual Studio .NET development environment.

VMware Technology Alliance Partner

Seapine is a Technology Alliance Partner with VMware. Seapine's products are supported on operating systems that have been virtualized by VMware.

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